We are excited to introduce a new and improved way for you to make payments online through our new provider, ClickPay . Through this new platform, you can make automatic recurring or one-time payments online with American Express or any other major credit or debit card for a fee or by e-check (ACH) from a bank account for free.

If you made payments through our previous online payment platform, please note that your account and any automatic payments set up through this provider have been deactivated as of Wednesday, March 24, 2021. To continue making payments online, or if you are a new user, please click the activation link emailed to you, or create your account with ClickPay below:


  1. Click Register and then create your online profile with ClickPay
  2. Connect Your Unit using the account number found on your statement
  3. Set up Automatic Payments or click Pay Now to make one-time payments

You may also access ClickPay by visting www.alexanderwolf.com and click Pay Now.

Resident email accounts on record were already enrolled in ClickPay, so don't be concerned if your email address is already activated.

For help with your account, visit ClickPay's support center at www.ClickPay.com/Help for access to FAQ's, step-by-step walkthroughs, email and phone support, and live chat.


The mailing address for accepting payments made by paper check, money order, and Online Bill Pay has changed. If you make payments by check or money order, please mail your payments to the address below moving forward. If you pay through your bank's online bill payment feature, please log in to your online banking account and update the payee's address as listed below. Your association's name (the payee) has not changed.

P.O. Box 61040
Newark, NJ 07101-8057

Checks should continue to be made payable to the entity name listed on your statement. Please include the remittance slip with your payments and make sure to include the account number found on your statement in the notes section of your check or your Online Bill Pay settings.


The ClickPay registration process is very quick and to navigate, and offers the below functionality:

  • Receipt of billing statements through email.
  • Review your account billing history and your payment history effective the starting month of the service.
  • Download a copy of your monthly bill.
  • Schedule recurring payments with any time limit you prefer. You can also stop payments after a certain total number of payments; a fixed date or any time you wish to make a change.
  • Schedule a one-time or future payment including the following options: pay the full amount; pay an amount not to exceed; or a fixed amount.
  • Request a notification before payments are processed.
  • Add and modify credit cards or bank accounts for payments at any time.
  • Connect several units/apartments to one account (for those residents who own several units).
  • There is no fee to process payments from your checking account.


  • Welcome to ClickPay
  • Hit the 'Pay Now' button to start
  • View your balance
  • View property details
  • Hit 'Continue' to submit your payment
  • Access 'Auto Pay' settings
  • Setting up Auto Pay
  • View payment history, add/remove properties, and add payment options
  • Need Help?