Floral Park responsive reference

The co-op board at Flower View Gardens in Floral Park, Long Island, had done everything right. In 2013, the board refinanced the underlying mortgage, setting aside $2 million to pay for an ambitious wish list of capital improvements. The board planned to put new roofs on the 12 low-rise brick buildings, upgrade energy systems, fix a basement sewer backup, and tackle rainwater that sometimes flooded one of the building entrances. But first the board decided to pluck the low-hanging fruit by replacing compact fluorescent light fixtures with energy-efficient LEDs. Easier said than done.

“We were not getting bids on time, and we were not getting enough information,” says James LaManna, president of the co-op board. “When the manager presents you with three bids, with different light fixture counts and different fixtures, you can’t make a comparison. We weren’t getting enough support to help us make informed decisions.”

Clearly, something had to give. The board fired its property manager and brought in Alexander Wolf & Company – and immediately began to make progress on its list of capital improvements. The key was education.

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