We would like to remind you to maintain an operable fire extinguisher in your residence for use in case of a fire incident. Doing so may very well help to minimize damage/injury to you, your neighbors, your property, and that of the association.

For your review and reference, please see the following general fire safety tips.

  • Test smoke detectors weekly and replace batteries twice a year (the beginning & end of Daylight Savings time).
  • Keep your bedroom doors closed while you are asleep.
  • Never smoke while in bed and make sure that there are no smoldering cigarettes when you empty ashtrays.
  • Don’t overload electrical circuits. Remove electrical cords from under rugs, those nailed to walls and behind radiators. Refrain from using old or frayed extension cords. If an appliance smokes or begins to smell unusual, unplug it immediately, and have it repaired.
  • Never keep rubbish, including mats, in the hallway.
  • If applicable, do not insert items in the association’s trash chute that are too big and may get stuck. Things caught in the can easily start a fire.
  • Put a box of baking soda and a large pot lid next to your stove to smother stove fires. Purchase a kitchen-rated fire extinguisher and learn how to properly use it.
  • Extinguish candles when you are not in the room; keep candles away from Christmas trees and wrapping paper.
  • Keep portable space heaters at least 3 feet from paper, curtains, furniture, clothing, bedding, or anything else that can burn. Never leave heaters on when you leave home or go to bed, and keep children and pets well away from them.