Alexander Wolf & Company prides itself in providing the most comprehensive property solutions for our clients. Browse our list of services below to see that clients, residents and properties in Manhattan and Long Island receive nothing but the most professional and reliable service possible.

Property Management

Our keen attention to detail ensures that any and all matters concerning the maintenance and improvement of clients’ properties, and/or residents’ quality of life, are addressed effectively and efficiently, if not anticipated and handled appropriately as part of our proactive real estate management approach.

We know that every property is different, as are the goals of the people who own them and the needs of the people who live there. This is why we design and customize property solutions according to our clients’ individual needs.

Our property management services include but are not limited to the following :

  • Help to prepare annual budgets and projections
  • Obtain bids from contractors for repairs and/or renovations
  • Purchase all necessary supplies from vendors
  • Inspect contractors’ performance
  • Screen personnel
  • Manage complaints, whether addressed to or from residents
  • Notify members about monthly and annual meetings, attend and record what takes place

Accounting Department

We use customized, “high tech” computer systems to ensure the free flow of accurate and up-to-date financial information that both our clients and their accountants deem more than suitable for their needs.

As part of the property solutions we provide, our accounting department manages the following:

  • Prepares annual budgets and projections
  • Monthly financial reports are prepared and disseminated to board members along the annual budget allowing for analysis against actual expenses
  • Clients may request information regarding invoices and bank balances at any time
  • Provide customized late charges programs
  • Prepare and distributed monthly invoices and resident billing notifications
  • Payroll processing

Legal Department

Unlike most other property management companies in Manhattan and Long Island, Alexander Wolf & Company boasts an attorney and full legal support staff on hand. Our legal department provides services that include the following:

  • Working on behalf of the client, the legal department processes shareholders’ resales, sublets, refinances or home equity loans
  • Provides by-law interpretation or amendment services, upon a client’s request and without any fees charged to the building
  • Our attorney will organize and personally attend the closing of any resale, ensuring a professional and thorough completion of the process

Relationship Management

Part of our job as property managers is to build and maintain fruitful relationships with our clients and the people who live in their properties. To foster the type of open, close-knit relationships that successful property management partnerships require, we offer the following:

  • Regular communication with residents, notifying them when there is scheduled maintenance or improvements, legal or community matters
  • Ongoing support for community committees
  • One community manager per property, whose job it is to oversee the daily operations of the building and/or community